Jamie Nieto


Jamie Nieto is a two-time US Olympic high jumper and ranked in the USA’s top 10 for over a decade. He also
is an actor and has appeared in many feature films. You can view his IMDB profile here.
Enjoy his story below of how he and his wife Shevon have stayed faithful to God through extremely difficult circumstances.

•When did you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?
I grew up going to church. In 2000, I moved to San Diego and I actually remember the day when i
got baptized. It was March 11, 2001 when I got baptized in the same church where we got ended up getting married this past year.

•What do you think should be the main goal of a Christian athlete during their pursuit of Olympic excellence?
Be very prayerful. End of the day He has a plan for all of us. Trust in that.

•What is your spiritual daily routines and how have those changed since you were a young athlete?
We read the Bible every night. We try to walk, live and talk like Christ. On a daily basis, we stay constantly in prayer.

•Jamie, you were also a two-time Olympian but we’ve been told you once high jumped over a Volkswagen. Tell us about that.
It’s simple really. I felt like I could do it so I did it. A filmmaker friend wanted to get footage of it so we did. Kind of cold but I cleared it.

•Where did you see God impact you the most during your career?
I don’t think there’s been a specific moment but I’ve learned that the only way to get to the next level is through Christ. God has been influential through good and bad. I’ve always prayed no matter what.

•You and Shevon have amazing stories and continue to keep God first both individually and collectively. Now that you’re married, where did you learn this discipline?
I like to look to the bishop that married us. He's been married for 45 years. I look at how he’s treated his wife. Their relationship is one of the longest lasting ones I know. He inspires me to love well.

•Jamie, I know I speak for millions of people when we say that you’re one of the most inspirational people we know. After a freak accident you were paralyzed but you stayed faithful to God and even set a goal to walk Shevon down the aisle for your wedding. Describe those feelings and experience when you made that goal a reality?
It was tough but the best way to describe it is like I was training for the Olympics. A lot of hard work. You kind of get more anxious and I wanted everything to go well - praying and hoping everything went well. I had confidence and when I did do it, it was a relief. It was a very special and monumental day.

•Your wedding day has been shared with millions. How have you seen God work through that publicity?
It’s a blessing to see how many people that have reached out and said that I inspire them and how many are still praying. Maybe they don't pray as much and this could motivate them to pray more. I remember the very first words that came to me after the accident, “Dont worry, you’ll be ok. You'll get through this.” It's a tough pill to swallow but I'm touching the lives I need to and that means a lot.

•What is one piece of advice you would give to yourself as a young Christian athlete?
Jamie: Keep praying and believing in yourself. Everything is going to work out.

•Last but not least, what does Play4Him mean to you?
Jamie: It means playing for a higher power, playing to glorify His name. God gives us everything and can give us even more than we imagine.

Both Shevon and Jamie have an inspiring faith. The way they have persevered through Olympic and life trials is truly inspirational. Also, Jamie is currently working on a book that is in the editing process. It should becoming out sometime in 2018. As for an update on Jamie’s recovery, he is walking on crutches and he can
walk without assistance for small steps! Praise God!

If you’d like to read more about them both, visit their websites at Shevonsworld.com and jamienieto.com.


Scott Shimada
Scott Shimada